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Meet Martin.

Martin reigns from the country of Madagascar. Madagascar? Yes, Madagascar. The southeastern island of Africa. The obvious setting of the Disney film, “Madagascar.”

Martin is the production manager for Sababu. He has been with us since June 2010 and hit the ground running immediately. I distinctly remember picking Martin up from the airport and taking him to his house in Mali. I told him I’d pick him up the next day at 1pm to start working in which he replied, “why so late?” I liked him immediately. Never-mind the fact that he just traveled across the continent of Africa the day before, he wants to do work. So, he designed the work flow of production, did the hiring, trained the workers and the list goes on and on. Martin is the brains for all the technical side of the production.

I’ve often asked myself why a guy like Martin would come all the way up from Madagascar. The guy has over 20 years experience in the industry, speaks 4 languages, is a professor of textiles and wanted to move to Mali to be part of Sababu. He says Sababu is different and he wants to be a part of this. I’m ok with this.

A few facts on Martin -Martin is married with children. Most of his children live in countries other than Madagascar. -Does things with Microsoft Excel that would make actuaries drool. -Sababu is the first place he has worked at where he actually got to build the production floor to his specs/desires. -Always travels with a business suit on.

Meet Martin Ferdinand.

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