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Meet Emmanuel

Continuing with the “Meet the Linemen” theme that was started in late January, I want to introduce you to Emmanuel Thera.

Emmanuel comes for the “Bobo” people group and lived in the bush until he was 12. His dad, Daniel, was working for the government in various roles throughout Emmanuel’s childhood so they moved a few times. He ended up in Bamako and did all his schooling there. And, just as his father, he went to college to become an international lawyer.

Emmanuel’s role at Sababu is large. His official title is Manager of Inventory & Logistics, but his role extends much past this title. You see, besides his father, Emmanuel has been on board the longest with Sababu. For many, the ribbon cutting at the grand opening was the launch of something new. For Emmanuel, it was the summit of a mountain he’d been climbing for 18 months.

One of the most memorable stories about Emmanuel was during the 3 month employee evaluations. To gauge the level of respect for the management team and get true, honest feedback from the employees, we spoke to the employees in private and away from the management team. When an employee was asked what he thought of Emmanuel, his response was “I just don’t get him. He is a manager and I’m a guy from the bush who can’t read, I can’t write, I have no education and yet Emmanuel treats me like I’m a brother to him. I just don’t understand.”

This is Emmanuel.

A few facts about Emmanuel: – 26 years old – Single – Has a side business of used car sales – Favorite soda is Dr. Pepper

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One Response to Meet Emmanuel

  1. Robert Overstreet says:

    Emmanuel’s father has been one of our friends for many years, ever since we entered BaKo in Mali to work there for nearly 20 years, ever since 1978. Daniel Thera was the government administrator that God placed in BaKo at that time to enable our work to flourish. May the Lord bless you, Emmanuel, as you carry on the work at Sababu. God has evidently given you His anointing to see Sababu go ahead to enrich the lives of many. We are praying for you, your family, and for all who work with you.

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